You Must Know Who Controls your Happiness

3 min readSep 6, 2022

A question that demands a thorough analysis

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“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” — Mahatma Gandhi

A few moments ago, this question just popped up in my mind: Who exactly controls our happiness? It is not a scholarly article, it is just a spark of thought that just appeared in my mind. Indeed, we, as humans, are social animals. We have to interact with others, and our lives are co-related with many other fellow beings like us. They have the same fluctuation of emotions, feelings, and disappointment.

The uniqueness of minds and thoughts, along with personal aspirations, are also common traits. For example, everybody thinks in his or her own way. Everybody looks after their well-being and wellness. Everybody wants to be happy. But he or she can’t do all this alone. He has interacted with others.

Indeed, when we deeply analyze the story of happiness, we come to know the fact that you can’t achieve it alone. You can’t have it alone. You will always find the factors impacting your emotions, feelings, and aspirations.

Then how to find a way

Indeed, we find two opposing things here: happiness and finding it among too many adversities. Usually, it is claimed that happiness lies within you. It is true to some extent, but when we see it comprehensively, the situation is a bit different.

It is indeed a struggle but of a different type. This is without making any noise or bizarre expressions. It is indeed like finding your way in a dense forest, where sometimes your expertise and senses play a crucial role. So pursuing happiness is sometimes a wise decision.

So who controls your happiness?

Happiness and its existence always revolve around your internal strength and your own way of interacting with external factors.

You have to maintain internal strength to overcome a few situations emerging in your life.

your way of interacting with others. Indeed, it is the main part of the process of bringing happiness in life. You meet people with different behaviors.