How Multitasking can be good or bad at the same time

4 min readSep 13, 2022

Thoughts about multitasking

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I was thinking of writing amid my hectic office routine, but couldn’t gather much inspiration to do so. Assignments, meetings, and overall performance evaluation were all quite pressing. I was unable to find any spare moments to think about any topic to write about. In the meantime, a friend paid me a surprise visit.

We went out for a cup of coffee at my favorite place. This coffee bar has a unique interior setting. When you enter the bar, you will find the service area in front of you. coffee machines, cups, and portraits, along with a curve. tables with bookshelves in one corner, and colorful pebbles on the wall in the other. In a nutshell, the whole of the bar’s setting is awesome. You can find peace of mind while enjoying coffee.

Well, I was talking about a busy schedule, scattered ideas, and a surprise visit from a friend.

After picking up our coffee cups when we grabbed the chair, my friend was just in the mood to talk a lot. So we started chit-chatting about our routine. All this was interrupted by a message tone. He picked up his phone and read the message.

After reading the message, he opened his laptop and started working on it. I was surprised that his work was not interrupting our conversation.

On my inquiry, he told me that he was compiling an account report for his company, where he works. My only question was, “Are you able to do it while talking with me?” His answer was yes.

Then i asked how?

He replied, “My practice of multitasking.” At the same moment, I started thinking about multitasking.

What exactly is multiple tasking?

Simply defined, “multitasking” is doing more than one thing at the same time. For example, you are talking with friends and at the same time, you are compiling your account statement (as my friend did while sitting with me at the coffee bar).

This is indeed doing multiple things at the same time.

Indeed, when we implement multitasking in our daily life routine, it means doing many things at the same time. In the office, doing many things at the same time, like completing…