Do You Plan Your Activities? If Not, Start Doing It Now.

a talk about planning



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“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin

“Planning” is the preliminary step of everything we are doing in our life. Planned activities enable a person to move with a rhythm and arrange their lives. Planning is indeed preparing for the activities we are intended to do. As Benjamin Franklin said, when you fail to prepare for an upcoming event, you are indeed preparing to fail. He has ascribed the absence of planning as a clear sign of failure. So we can assume

  1. Planning is the very first step when we start a project or activity in our life.
  2. Without planning the chances of failure increase manifold. On the other hand, planning ensures success.

Personal planning or personal management

Personal planning is indeed an important aspect of self-development. When you plan yourself, you indeed plan your success and accomplishments in daily life.

Alan Lakein indeed defined the planning in a more simple but comprehensive manner, he said

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.”

So, when it comes to personal planning, it is all about working on future goals. It starts in the present, but it helps to secure the future. As it is said, a good beginning ensures a good end. These lines can be dissected in two ways.

  1. A good beginning is indeed comprehensive planning for a task, which is equally applicable in the personal sphere.
  2. A good end is indeed achievement or personal accomplishment, which can be, in either case, purely in a personal sphere or a career venture.

So planning is the backbone of sustainability

Yes, planning is very crucial. It starts with personal management and in the broader perspective, it ends with the execution of mega projects.

We have seen the construction of many grand buildings. It all starts with making a plan and…